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SolidPOWER 7000

SolidPOWER 7000

GateStor has been always focused on development very high-performance storage systems compared to the rest of the industry that compete in the mid-range of performance and go after most business applications.

The SP7K architecture is bases on 9 patents that makes this storage system unique in the way of how it manages its memory and transfers of data, which makes these systems five to ten time faster than of the competition. As an example, a simple active/active SP7K could deliver more than 4MIOPs and over 35GB/sec throughput.

A High-Performance Disk I/O Process achieved by using patented technology that reduces file transfers, optimizes available resources though its parallel architecture.

It is based on GateStor’s Virtual Storage Architecture next generation storage management software.

The Patented virtual memory management system optimizes performance versus traditional cache used by all storage vendors and eliminate the read/modify/write penalty of RAID configurations.

These performance technical advancements make the SP7K systems ideal for Cloud Storage, data capturing, video editing, streaming, and recording as well as many more high-end performance hungry applications.

The architecture has always been based the patented OmniBUSTM PCIe fabric which eliminates data transfers and make possible linear growth in capacity and performance.

If you want to learn more about the unique technological advancements in the SP7K please download the white paper.

Why buy from GateStor?

GateStor makes only custom configurations that exactly match your requirements and needs. It does not force you to acquire more storage and features you may not need as most branded storage providers.

GateStor has a very complete family of storage products, from a basic low-cost configuration up to the more advanced Enterprise solutions with no single point of failure offering 99.9999% up time.

Because of our advanced technology and architecture, GateStor’s systems can obtain higher efficiency of all its components. This is one of the reasons GateStor’s systems are faster and have lower cost of acquisition. They require less components to obtain the required performance.

Impressed with our technology? You will be more impressed with our prices, ask us for a quote and you will be surprised with your price and delivery time.


©gatestor developer Gaspar Belandria Gaspar Belandria

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