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About Gatestor

The SolidPower7000 is architected for maximum bandwidth and can take advantage of the substantial speed difference from SSDs and Flash memory.

SolidPOWER7000 systems are totally independent of the host and drive technologies (Infiniband, 100GbE, Fibre Channel, SATA and SAS).

GateStor is able to provide massive storage solutions, and each node can support 1 million IOPs and up to 1024 drives.

With current disk capacity each GateStor node supports up to 4 PetaBytes of raw capacity multiplied by 256 nodes for a total cluster storage space of up to an Exabyte.

GateStor’s SolidPOWER7000 and EPOCH nodes provide support for thousands of disk drives to be seamlessly shared by clusters of different hosts.

The GateStor patented OmniBus® technology combined with the unified bus cluster architecture supports thousands of concurrent host connections, and can provide enterprise class storage services for any computing platform that supports industry standard interfaces.

Management Team

Ricardo Vlez-McCaskey CEO, President & Founder

Accomplished storage technology precursor and innovative system architect, developer and leader, skilled at the planning and execution of complex technical programs and projects. Technology Mentor in both hardware and software, high performance, cost sensitive Storage NAS, SAN and storage clusters, video and robotic designs. Hands on development manager with a strong understanding of technical details required for the development, implementation and introduction of complete systems solutions. Expert on High Performance Storage systems, wireless networks (WiMAX, WiFi, LTE) and Robotics. Holder of numerous technology patents.

Michael Levine Director of Development

Software Engineer with over 25 years of experience in developing solutions on Linux. Video-On-Demand system: web frontend in CGI, backend PostgreSQL database, video delivery using proprietary MPEG4 decoder. Handling billing, scheduling, asset management. Linux based NAS (NFS/CIFS/FTP/WebDAV/Rsync) server: Web Front end in PHP/Perl/HTML/JS/CSS, backend based on CentOS, ported from Debian. Embedded Linux 802.11 radio: In-house developed IXP425 board, firmware based on Snapgear. Licensed Frequency Transceiver required extensive RF analysis. web front end for configuration. Linux System internals crafted to create a transparent wireless bridge between two disparate LANs. High Speed Storage Device: Implemented a Linux based Storage Management product to deliver block storage targets over high speed connection (InfiniBand, 10GbE, Fibre Channel) Distributed Web Application: designed for tracking Export Compliance (IOR/EOR, Export Licenses, Document Management) and Logistics (Proof of delivery consumption, Problem/Issue Tracking system integrated in GoogleApps). The Compliance portion is written in ruby on rails. The Logistics component is written in PHP. This project requires many rapid (agile) changes and direct customer (internal and external) requirements gathering and solution implementation. Specialties: Embedded Linux System Development, Business Productivity Web Applications, High Performance Storage, Wireless Networking (WiFi and WiMAX)

Denis Emond VP of AI Research & Business Development

Denis comes to GateStor with over 28 years of technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills. Most recently he was US NAS technical sales lead at IBM and senior NAS advisor to IBM STG division storage global brand leaders. Established the first IBM virtual training lab for N-Series (NetApp) employee, partner and customer global training sessions. Previously he held senior level technical sales positions at HP, Compaq, DEC, and EMC. Denis conveys an incredibly diverse and respected enthusiasm regarding sales, system architectures, and business processes within the storage industry today. Denis was also a key technical speaker for IBM NAS at IBM�s Edge Conferences in 2012/2013.

John C. Kelley Director of International Sales, South Asia Pacific

John is a technology professional with more than 40 years of experience with technology innovation in Latin America, Africa and Asia. For the last 20 years, he has been working in Asia on large-scale projects in the finance and energy sectors. As Deputy CIO in USAID and CIO in FAO, John was responsible for rolling global systems in finance and personnel. In the last five years, he has focused on big data and cloud computing. He brings to GateStor an in-depth knowledge of the IT markets in southeast Asia, where he will help to introduce the benefits of hyper-convergent technology.

Dr. Eddie Hwang China Business Development Director

Dr. Hwang obtained his PHD Degree from Empresarial University in Business Administration while he obtained his Bachelor Science Degree in Mathematics/Physics as well as BS Computer Science/Statistics from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1968 and 1969 respectively. Eddie is a seasoned computer management expert as well as an inventor of many patented lighting technology products, particularly in the pursuit of Green Innovation for environment protection. Eddie is currently the Managing Director of Storbrige Global Co. Ltd and MRC Technology International Co. Ltd. Eddie reached the top echelon of the corporate ladder when he was appointed as the Country General Manager & Managing Director of Nixdorf Computer HK Ltd in 1983 to oversee the strategy development and marketing of the new retail POS and banking system in Hong Kong. He was also responsible for the transfer of distributorship from Zung Fu Co Ltd and managed its inventory and assets as well as customer database on HARDWARE &SOFTWARE maintenance service contracts. One of his major achievements was the successful penetration into the hotel management and information integration processing market by using Nixdorf Small Business Systems and PABX Systems. In 1986, Dr. Hwangs was appointed as the Regional General Manager of Data General Sales & Services Ltd for North Asia. In his 4.5 years tenure, he had grown the business by a tremendous growth of 400% and doubled the business turnover for Hong Kong, Taiwan and PRC market in the first fiscal year in midst of the stagnant business growth of the corporation in general. He was also elected as the member of the Million Dollar Club FY88. Other achievements included the successful set of Distributor Channels in PRC & Taiwan and the establishment of the Bonded Warehouse & Service Center in PRC. He had also cracked many major accounts in top ministry level in PRC. Dr. Hwang entered the Storage system business in 1992. After being the Managing Director of Storage Computer Corporation, Nashua, N.H., USA, he was assigned as the Regional Vice President of Storage Computer (Asia) to market storage subsystem products based on RAID-7 technology in Asia Pacific. His major accomplishments include the successful sales channel set-up in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia and sold over 500 systems. Large re-seller companies like, IBM, HP, Unisys, ICL, Silicon Graphics and CL Computers China, Technology Venture Holdings, NKO, etc. were recruited. The company had contributed 30% of the worldwide sales revenue in the first few years.

John F.X. Hamano Sr. Advisor

The senior management team at GateStor is pleased to announce that Mr. John Hamano has joined the GateStor senior advisor council. John is a distinguished creative technology sales and global marketing executive. Mr. Hamano is an independent consultant and trusted technology industry expert to the world's leading investment firms, consultancies, and corporations. Mr. Hamano is an entrepreneur and co-founder of a fast-casual super foods concept recently included in The Spoon University article entitled ''The 50 Best Things to Eat in Denver Before You Die''. Mr. Hamano is a strategic visionary with creative focus on bringing to life - and to the bottom line - high leverage concepts and growth opportunities. Mr. Hamano has extensive marketing and sales experience in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia both with Fortune 500 size as well as SMB customers delivering technology and 'As a Service' solutions via direct sales and partner channels. Mr. Hamano value is identifying and building successful new business opportunities and increasing the value of new ideas. For example, Mr. Hamano has been a key driver in building from the ground up a billion dollar alliance moonshot product line whose impact was profiled in Forbes. Mr. Hamano pioneered the first dedicated two tiered business partner distribution channel in Europe, Middle East, and Africa for Adstar building a new route to market which grew to be over 70 percent of that geography's brand's revenue. Mr. Hamano has also worked to identify and integrate M&A and OEM targets in alliances with industry leaders like Cisco, NetApp, Cleversafe, Storwize, and Lenovo. Mr. Hamano has served as a board member on eight product development teams. Mr. Hamano teaming strategies grew brand sales to the world's largest outsourcing company's customers to a $300 million revenue stream and an innovative channel framework increased Business Partner participation resulting in $2 billion of annual systems sales via distributors, solution sellers, resellers, OEM, system integrators and ISV's.

Gerald Proulx Sr. Advisor

The senior management team at GateStor is pleased to announce that Mr. Gerald Proulx has joined the GateStor senior advisor council. Previously, Mr. Proulx held the position of Chief of Network Management and Operations for the House of Commons Canadian Government Network Division for 22 years. One of Mr. Proulx's many outstanding achievements in his stellar 34 year career with the Canadian Government was leading the design and implementation, with the project team, for the 17 building networking super complex for the Canadian Government located at the Parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

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